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Download A-7 Corsair II in Action No 120 by Al Adcock PDF

By Al Adcock

Constructed in its place for the Douglas A-4, the A-7 Corsair II has noticeable strive against with either army and Air strength in Vietnam, Grenada and through Operation wilderness hurricane. comprises the A-7A, A-7P, A-7B, A-7C, NA-7C, TA-7C, EA-7L, YA-7H, A-7D, A-7E, A-7G, A-7H, YA-7F, and A-7K versions. Over a hundred photographs, forty aspect drawings, 2 pages of scale drawings, thirteen full-color drawings. 50 pages.

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When it was completed, Andrei N Tupolev officially proposed this design as 'Aircraft 88', together with a guarantee that it would have a better all-round performance than the 11-46. Finally, on 10th June 1950 the USSR Council of Ministers issued a Decree that secured for the bureau the development and manufacture of the '88' with two AL-5 engines. 3kN) thrust AM-3s. 3kN). The first example was completed at the beginning of 1951 and bench testing began in the following spring. 7kN). Besides Tupolev's bomber, it was to be used by several other famous aircraft.

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