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Download A Certain Slant of Light (Light, Book 1) by Laura Whitcomb PDF

By Laura Whitcomb

Within the classification of the highschool English instructor she has been haunting, Helen feels them: for the 1st time in one hundred thirty years, human eyes are her. They belong to a boy, a boy who has no longer appeared notable before. And Helen--terrified, yet intrigued--is interested in him. the truth that he's in a physique and he or she isn't really provides this not likely couple with their first problem. yet because the enthusiasts fight to discover the way to be jointly, they start to find the secrets and techniques in their former lives and of the youth they arrive to own.

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But she settled back in her seat and looked out the windshield of the car. We could see the police, forensics, and the FBI suits moving back and forth inside the building. We were both quiet for a long time. The funny thing was that the problems between Murphy and me came from the same source as the problems with Kim Delaney earlier tonight. Murphy had needed to know something to pursue an investigation. I could have given her the information舒but it would have put her in danger to do so. I舗d refused to say anything, and when I舗d pursued the trail by myself all the way to its end, there had been some burning buildings and a corpse or two.

As in more than one? 舡 But she didn舗t. Instead, she led me into a roomy building that proved to be under construction, though all the exterior work was finished. Some of the windows were still covered with board. I didn舗t see the sign on the building舗s front doors until I got close. 舡 I said, reading it. 舡 舠Mmm-hmm,舡 Murphy said, glancing at me over her shoulder. 舡 Chicago舗s resident crime lord, Gentleman Johnny Marcone, was the robber baron of the mean streets. He kept all the rough business inside the city proper, leaving his legitimate interests out in the suburbs, like here in Rosemont.

She started to ease down, and I let my breath out. I definitely didn舗t want this dissolving into violence. It wouldn舗t accomplish anything. 舠Get them out of here,舡 Denton said, and there was a note to his voice that I didn舗t like. Benn didn舗t give us any warning. She just moved, fast and hard, stepping toward Murphy and flicking some sort of martial-arts blow I wasn舗t familiar with toward her temple. There was a quick blur of motion. Murphy舗s hands got there before the blow landed, and she turned, somehow levering Benn舗s weight off from her legs and slamming the grey-maned woman hard into a wall.

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