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Download A History of Indian Logic: Ancient Mediaeval and Modern by Vidyabhusana Satis Chandra PDF

By Vidyabhusana Satis Chandra

The writer has during this paintings basically marked the primary levels of Indian common sense within the gigantic interval of approximately thousand years starting from 640 and has traced how from Anviksiki the technological know-how of dialogue Indian good judgment constructed into the technological know-how of data Pramanasastra after which into the technological know-how of dialectics Prakarana of Tarkasastra.

The therapy of the topic is either old and significant. the writer has traced a few Greek impact on indian good judgment. for example he has proven how the 5 membered syllogism of Aristotle stumbled on its manner via Alexandria Syria and different international locations into Taxila and acquired amalgamated with the Nyaya doctrine of inference.

The ebook is likely one of the pioneer works at the topics. It has drawn on unique assets exhaustively. in addition to the preface creation, foreword and desk of contents the paintings includes a number of appendices and indexes.

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13. ). In the Mahabharata 1! there is mention of an old female ascetic delivered a discourse on what named Sulabha who wbo delivered wbat constituted the Anvimerits and defects of speech as belonging to the province of Anvl­ k~iki. s in all aU probability a a fictitious person, k�iki. C. r After the rites of hospitality had been duly observed and wide. After to the royal presence. o ,. bat her sole object in coming Sulabha's intN'view with ~ulabM s mtervlew wIth to his court was was to asoertain perascertain,' from a per­ king kmg J J anaka.

Learning. 6. 6. ). ). iki, as as previously previously pointed pointed out, out, treated treated of of two two subjects, subjects, the soul soul and and the the theorv theory of of reasons. reasons. In In viz. the viz. t of of reaso reasonmg.. the that ing.. flf l1T1rlfr: II oI\f,,"fW "_I: ifT'fll ~frit1fi .. roflri'1i'r (ArthaAastra. 1-2, p. , 1-2, p. 6, 6, Sham Sham Siistri's Sistri's edition). edition). w ~~ ~ "'�l'iI'iiI ~~~f« f1f1Ql: ,2 � .... "t. , 1-2, 1-2, p. p. 6). G). (ArthMiistra. ll1l"!

Fools run after outward pleasures and fall into the snare of death, but wise men cognizant of the im­ imfoJ! banker after unstable things perishable nature of the soul never hanker which give rise only to sufferings. As to the destiny of the soul after death death.. ad Kathopani~ad says that some souls enter the womb to have bodies as organic beings, beings) while others go into matter according to their work and knowledge. Such inorganic matter deRires that that dwell in the heart transmigration continues until all deeires cease.

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