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Download A Shaman's Tale: Path to Spirit Consciousness by Richard L Alaniz PDF

By Richard L Alaniz

According to a 2009 Harris ballot, forty two% of yankee adults think in ghosts and paranormal actions. via candid and robust anecdotes, meditation instructor and religious counselor Richard Alaniz courses his readers to an knowing of the aim of spirit manifestations and multi-dimensional beings. A Shaman’s Tale presents solutions to questions on the mystical, mysticism, and the mysteries of lifestyles and demise. it's also an autobiographical narrative approximately one man’s trip to non secular wisdom - a trip that isn't a spiritual or political one, yet person who transcends measurement, area, and time. in response to his adventure as a shaman and his encounters with the magical, Richard Alaniz indicates how paranormal reports can remove darkness from a spirit international to those that are looking for larger consciousness.

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We access knowledge in order to help or guide ourselves within the process of life experiences to reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness. When a person experiences Induced Knowledge one has the feeling of knowing something without knowing how or by what means that knowledge was manifested. One just simply knows something is or will be. Induced Knowledge is an experience that once developed can be used as a tool for spiritual growth. This is not only for your own growth, but also to help guide others away from an undesired experience or toward a positive life process.

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While I was listening to my friend’s brother’s Christian band play I was amazed by their talent. Suddenly I heard my silent voice 30 tell me I would be playing with this band. I thought it impossible because I had been a retired musician for over thirteen years. I gave up music to master the martial arts long ago. My music equipment was long in storage, and after ending a twenty-year musical career, I did not want to play music any longer. There had to be a special reason why I was to play with this group.

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