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Download A Soldier's Pocket Book by John Hobbis Harris PDF

By John Hobbis Harris

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He knows where you are. He will wait for you to move and shoot you. Remember: Camouflage and concealment. Don’t let the enemy see you. Merge with your surroundings. Blend into your background. Attention! A Military English Course for NCOs Don’t let the enemy see you: Answer Key While reading activities 1. Write down three ways of camouflaging a soldier. i. by wearing a battle uniform ii. by adding local vegetation such as grasses, twigs and leafs to the uniform iii. by using special camouflage paint 2.

When moving behind low cover What is a possible problem with the Monkey Run? Your arse and head may be seen What should you keep doing? Watching all the time 4. Partner A When is using The Leopard Crawl useful? What parts of the body do you use to move? How do you hold your rifle? When moving behind very low cover Insides of your knees and elbows Right hand on pistol grip, left hand on hand guard 4. Partner B Where should your body be? What movement helps you do to do the Leopard Crawl? What should you do with your heels, head and body?

These are the names of the section formations in the pictures. Match the names with the pictures. a) Diamond b) Arrowhead. c) File. d) Extended Line e) Single File. 5. Below are some of the good and bad points of Section Formations. Match them with a type of formation, use “D” for Diamond, “A” for Arrowhead, “F” for file, “EL” for Extended Line and “SF” for Single File. Some of the points will be used for more than one type of formation. a) Good for crossing open country at night b) Good for keeping control c) Has all round observation and protection d) Firing to the front is restricted e) The section commander can be at the front or in the middle f) Good for moving across open country g) Produces effective fire against an enemy frontal attack h) Good for an assault on enemy positions.

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