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Download Advanced Materials for Water Handling: Composites and by D.V. Scott PDF

By D.V. Scott

Hardbound. quick evolution is occurring within the water marketplace worldwide - pushed through elevated patron call for allied to the rarefraction of unpolluted water. The inherent features of composites fabrics linked to present fabrics and construction expertise is permitting the elevated use of formerly excessive expense fabrics and tactics at ever lowering charges. The guide is designed to carry specifiers up to the mark with those fabrics and the hot components of program linked to them, exploring the scope, functionality, price effectiveness and environmental and legislative results in their use.

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Chopped strand mat, Ref. M l 1 3 , similar to Ref. M125, but using fine strands and available with a surface density of 1 0 0 - 9 0 0 g/m 2. Direct roving, specifically for filament winding processes, Ref. RO99P103 and RO99-P122, compatible with epoxy, polyester, phenolic and vinyl ester resins. Ref. RO99-P139, compatible with epoxy, phenolic and vinyl ester resins. Taking direct rovings as raw material, many forms of woven rovings can be manufactured. Woven rovings are interesting for contact moulding, band winding technology often used to manufacture pipe fittings, and as part of the laminate in many hoop winding operations in order to obtain sufficient axial strength.

The technologies call for short-cut fibres, mixed with resins, fillers and various other additives depending upon tooling, production process and required specific performance values. Corrosion resistance is suitable for such applications as flanges and nozzles, as well as low-pressure pipefittings and other components, which will be exposed to water and mildly aggressive aqueous effluent. Pultrusion also produces a composite which is generally uniform and homogeneous t h r o u g h o u t the total structure, being essentially m a n u f a c t u r e d from continuous rovings with only a 50% resin content in p r e m i u m grade materials.

0 N I-. ~ Materials 35 36 Thermosets/CompositeMaterials Typical resins, available from Ashland Specialty Chemical Co are: 9 9 Hetron 92, a chlorendic polyester with high flame resistance often used for handling corrosive fumes. Hetron 197, a chlorendic polyester with high flame resistance often used for handling corrosive fumes. 8 Curing and hardening agents The curing agents and procedures for epoxy resin have been described above. Furane and phenolic resins require very specific acidic catalysts which will not be covered in this book.

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