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Download Advanced Organics for Electronic Substrates and Packages by A. Fletcher PDF

By A. Fletcher

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I'm going to plant within the desolate tract the cedar the acacia-tree and the myrtle and the oil-tree; i'm going to set within the wilderness the cypress, the plane-tree and the larch jointly; That they could see, and be aware of and examine and comprehend jointly, That the hand of the Lord hath performed this, ••• Isaiah, 41:19 and 20 (first element) the necessity to enhance our usage of the Earth's typical assets is everyone's company, from each nation.

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Moulded plastic packages are one of the lowest cost, single component packages available. A moulded plastic dual-in-line package (DIP) will be at least half the price of a ceramic dual-in-line package (CERDIP) with similar pin counts. 2. There is a considerable 52 Advanced Organics variation in prices but the cost for a ceramic multilayer leaded chip carrier with 84 contacts would be about US$8. 75 for a postmoulded plastic leaded chip carrier. Similar price differentials can be found between other types of plastic and ceramic packages.

It had been estimated, in 1988, that this percentage would fall to 54% in 1992. All plastic packages in 1987 had 84% of the market and the figure in 1991 was 86%. It is considered that the use of ceramics in packaging will fall by between 2% and 3% in the period 1987 to 1992. 1 The IC component packaging type market: 1990 and 1995 Small outline packages DIP SIP Chip carrier PGA MCM 1990 22% 41% 5% 10% 11% 4% 1995 31% 23% 12% 12% 10% 8% Plastic packages are divided into surface mount and through hole mount families.

Hostile environments include extreme temperatures, high relative humidity and operating bias; it is critical that the devices survive these operation life cycles. In addition to the above protection requirements, encapsulants must also enhance the mechanical and physical properties of the IC devices. The encapsulant must be an ultrapure material with superior electrical and physical properties, it should be easy to apply and repair in production and service. The proper encapsulant for an operation can enhance the fragile IC device, improve its physical, mechanical and reliability properties and its manufacturing yield.

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