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Download Advances in Audio Watermarking Based on Singular Value by Pranab Kumar Dhar, Tetsuya Shimamura PDF

By Pranab Kumar Dhar, Tetsuya Shimamura

This e-book introduces audio watermarking equipment for copyright defense, which has drawn large realization for securing electronic info from unauthorized copying. The booklet is split into elements. First, an audio watermarking technique in discrete wavelet rework (DWT) and discrete cosine rework (DCT) domain names utilizing singular price decomposition (SVD) and quantization is brought. this technique is powerful opposed to a number of assaults and offers sturdy imperceptible watermarked sounds. Then, an audio watermarking strategy in quick Fourier rework (FFT) area utilizing SVD and Cartesian-polar transformation (CPT) is gifted. this technique has excessive imperceptibility and excessive info payload and it offers solid robustness opposed to a number of assaults. those recommendations let media vendors to guard copyright and to teach authenticity and possession in their fabric in numerous purposes.

· beneficial properties new equipment of audio watermarking for copyright security and possession protection

· Outlines concepts that offer more advantageous functionality when it comes to imperceptibility, robustness, and information payload

· contains functions equivalent to information authentication, information indexing, broadcast tracking, fingerprinting, etc.

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16) Each matrix Ri0 is then reshaped to create the l modified FFT coefficients of each frame Fi by performing the inverse operation of step 3. Step 12: After substituting the l modified FFT coefficients for first l low frequency FFT coefficients of each frame Fi , an inverse FFT is applied to the FFT coefficients of each frame Fi to obtain the watermarked audio frame Fi0 . Step 13: Finally, all watermarked frames are concatenated to calculate the watermarked audio signal X 0 . 5 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Generate frame Apply FFT and select low frequency FFT coefficients Rearrange FFT coefficients in a matrix Perform SVD Calculate D*ix, D*iy, E*ix, E*iy Secret key K2 Extract watermark Secret key K1 Chaotic decryption Extracted watermark image Fig.

1 Watermark embedding process 40 4 FFT-Based Audio Watermarking Using SVD and CPT Step 1: The original audio signal X is first segmented into nonoverlapping frames F = fF1 ; F2 ; F3 ; : : : : : : :; FI =4 g. Step 2: Each audio frame Fi is transformed into FFT domain to calculate the FFT coefficients, where i indicates the frame number. Step 3: The first l low frequency FFT coefficients of each frame Fi are selected and these coefficients are rearranged into an N N square matrix Ri . This is done by dividing the coefficient set into N segments with N coefficients.

Since two patches are used rather than one, it can detect the embedded watermark bit without the original signal. 2 2 Background Information Interpolation Based Audio Watermarking Interpolation is a technique for constructing new data points within the range of a set of discrete data [30, 34]. Polynomial interpolation is one of the well known interpolation technique. Its advantages consist of its simplicity of implementation and the good quality of the interpolant obtained from it. 3 Quantization Based Audio Watermarking The quantization based scheme is one of the simplest scheme for watermarking.

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