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Download Elastomers and Rubber Elasticity by Joginder Lal, James E. Mark PDF

By Joginder Lal, James E. Mark

content material: easy techniques in elastomer synthesis / George Odian --
artificial features of crystallizable elastomers / Mario Bruzzone --
Synthesis of elastomers with strain-induced crystallization / Gerd Sylvester and Wolfgang Wieder --
Synthesis and homes of diene elastomers with managed constitution / I.G. Hargis, R.A. Livigni, and S.L. Aggarwal --
Elastomeric polydiene ABA triblock copolymers with crystalline finish blocks / Maurice Morton, N.-C. Lee, and E.R. Terrill --
results of version of composition and block series on homes of copolymers containing semicrystalline block(s) : hydrogenated linear block copolymers of butadiene and isoprene / Y. Mohajer, G.L. Wilkes, I.C. Wang, and J.E. McGrath --
Cis/trans keep an eye on in elastomers from monocyclic olefins and diolefins / R.J. Minchak and Harold Tucker --
Polymers of 1,4-hexadienes / Joginder Lal, Thomas L. Hanlon, Hung Yu Chen, and Richard N. Thudium --
Structural components and tensile houses of ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymers ready with quite a few catalyst structures / Bao-Tong Huang (Pao-Tung Huang), Li-Tong Zhao, Yu-Liang Li, Min Yu, and Bao-Yuan Hu --
Quasi-living carbocationic polymerization of alkyl vinyl ethers and block copolymer synthesis / Mitsuo Sawamoto and Joseph P. Kennedy --
Polyphosphazene elastomers : synthesis, homes, and functions / Robert E. Singler, Gary L. Hagnauer, and Richard W. Sicka --
The relation among dynamic and equilibrium moduli, with attention of entanglements / B.E. Eichinger --
Small attitude neutron scattering from polymer networks / Robert Ullman --
Molecular configurations of elastomers through stable nation NMR / Y.-Y. Lin, James E. Mark, and Jerome L. Ackerman --
Crystallization of stretched networks and linked elasticity / K.J. Smith, Jr. --
Elasticity and constitution of cross-linked polymers : networks with comblike cross-links / Wilhelm Oppermann and Günther Rehage --
Equilibrium tensile habit of version silicone networks of excessive junction performance / Kevin O. Meyers and Edward W. Merrill --
Bimodal elastomeric networks / J.E. Mark --
Threshold tear energy of a few molecular networks / A.N. Gent and R.H. Tobias --
Experimental reviews of the formation and homes of polymer networks / J.L. Stanford and R.F.T. Stepto --
constitution and elasticity of unfastened step polyaddition networks / Karel Dušek and Michal Ilavský --
Elastic modulus, community constitution, and supreme tensile houses of single-phase polyurethane elastomers / Thor L. Smith --
contemporary two-network effects at the influence of chain entangling in cross-linked elastomers / W. Batsberg and O. Kramer --
Optical reviews of rubbers / R.S. Stein, R.J. Farris, S. Kumar, and V. Soni --
a few reviews on thermoplastic elastomers / Robert E. Cohen --
Homogeneous and heterogeneous rubbery-rubbery diblock copolymers and polymer blends : a unified view / Robert E. Cohen --
primary features of the chemical functions of cross-linked polymers / David reside and Stephen B.H. Kent --
Approximative equipment for the evaluate of equilibrium moduli of enjoyable rubber networks / Boudewijn J.R. Scholtens and Henk C. Booij --
Characterization of elastomers to be used in circulatory support units / Carl R. McMillin.

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Bruzzone, M. Makromol. , 1974, 175, 2029. ; Bruzzone, M. Angew Makromol. , 1976, 50, 87. ; Bruzzone, M. Angew. Makromol. , 1976, 50, 101. Pat. 3,676,411 (1970) to the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Pat. 3,937,692 (1971) to Snamprogetti. Pat. 3,935,175 (1972) to Snamprogetti. DOS 2,625,390 (1976) to Bayer. ; 1979, Vol. 1, Table I. "Handbook of Chemistry and Physics"; CRC Press 54th Edition; 1973-74; p. F95. B.

I n our l a b o r a t o r i e s , we have f o l l o w e d the f i r s t two routes f o r o b t a i n i n g c r y s t a l l i z a b l e elastomers and we have found both s u i t a b l e f o r the purpose. , a c t i n i d e s and lanthanides as c a t a l y s t s f o r the p o l y m e r i z a t i o n of dienes (butadiene and isoprene) w i t h an extremely high c i s content. Even a s m a l l i n crease o f c i s t a c t i c i t y i n the v i c i n i t y of 100% has an important e f f e c t on c r y s t a l l i z a t i o n and consequently on elastomer processab i l i t y and p r o p e r t i e s ( 2 ) .

ODiAN 21 Basic Concepts in Elastomer Synthesis of the substituents along the polymer chain i s referred to as the atactic structure. Polymerization of conjugated dienes such as 1,3-butadiene can proceed by 1,2- and 1,4-polymerization CH =CH-CH=CH 2 > 2 ~~CH -CH'^ and 2 CH CH= CKCE^^ 2 (48) CH=CH 2 Isotactic, syndiotactic, and atactic polymers are possible for 1,2-polymerization — analogous to the situation for a monosubstituted ethylene. 1,4-Polymerization yields polymers i n which the repeating unit can be either c i s (XV) or trans (XVI) XV XVI The polymer structure produced i n any polymerization i s highly sensitive to the catalyst, solvent, and temperature.

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