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Download Adventures In Sex Magick: Control Your Life With The Power by Damon Brand PDF

By Damon Brand

This isn't a ebook approximately sexual strategy or seduction. it truly is approximately attracting funds, energy, love and luck in the course of the energy of sexual strength. Acclaimed writer Damon model lays naked a quick, exciting technique for purchasing the implications you deserve. no matter what you lust for will be yours.

Better nonetheless, this effective intercourse magick works even if you're unmarried or in a courting. Damon model explains why magick frequently fails, and indicates you a no-nonsense method of make your imaginative and prescient a reality.

Most intercourse magick books strength you to profit imprecise respiring and self-discipline, yet this publication is smoldering with pleasures of the flesh. Damon model has created new magick which could be just right for you the first actual time.

Discover tips to in achieving a number of magickal objectives at once.

Use a mystery sigil to entry angelic sexual power.

Learn the original mystery of the most important Process.

As Damon model says, 'Some of the magick defined right here could seem absurdly uncomplicated, yet even the best tools have labored for myself, and for lots of others. in reality, it used to be the luck of those easy equipment that led me to suspect that sexual power was once frequently the lacking key in magick.'

Sex magick is a shortcut to good fortune. in case you take pleasure in intercourse, take step one to a extra lucrative lifestyles now.

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The idea of letting go is that you truly hand the project over to the powers that are working on your magick. At the same time, however, you need to do mundane work in the real world to open the pathways for your magic. So if you’re doing a general seduction spell, you don’t worry about how you’ll meet somebody, you just make sure you dress well, go out three times a week and make yourself available without a thought to the magick working. When you do that, it works. When creating your goals, it helps to think of master goals, and the smaller goals that will contribute.

Do you think you want to own a mansion with fifteen rooms? Maybe. I’ve never owned one myself, but I have spent time in one (it’s a long story), and I found it a lonely place, with no sense of being home. I liked talking to the workers who came to clean and garden, but without them it felt lonely. ) Equally, I know an occultist whose first big result was to buy an extremely large and expensive car, but he found the car difficult to park. It was pleasant to drive, but he didn’t like parking it, and so half the pleasure was gone.

It could be ‘home, ‘love’ or a name, a place, a color, or even something quite abstract, so long as the word feels right to you. Feel The Moment: When picturing the result, feel it as though it’s happening now. Picture yourself getting the result and enjoying the moment. You can allow these images and feeling to linger for a few moments after orgasm, but no more. Let them dissipate as the orgasm dissipates into relaxation. Let Go: Forget about the magick. Revel in the afterglow of sex. If you are with a loving partner, you can talk about the sex, or about anything else or just go to sleep.

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