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Author note: Owen Hulatt (Editor)

Whether paintings should be absolutely self sustaining has been again and again challenged within the sleek background of aesthetics. during this choice of specially-commissioned chapters, a staff of specialists speak about the level to which paintings should be defined in simple terms by way of aesthetic categories.

Covering examples from Philosophy, track and artwork heritage and drawing on continental and analytic assets, this quantity clarifies the connection among artistic endeavors and extra-aesthetic issues, together with old, cultural or financial elements. It provides a entire evaluation of the query of aesthetic autonomy, exploring its relevance to either philosophy and the comprehension of particular works of art themselves. by way of heavily interpreting how the construction of artistic endeavors, and our decisions of those artistic endeavors, relate to society and historical past, Aesthetic and inventive Autonomy presents an insightful and sustained dialogue of an important query in aesthetic philosophy.

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Then 3 would follow, but 2 itself now becomes much more questionable. In fact, if we apply the sorts of arguments used by Gaut to reject other conceptions of the aesthetic (see below), we can also reject this claim because what common usage suggests about the extension of the term ‘aesthetic’ is such that when critics evaluate works using ethical, political or cognitive criteria, they are not evaluating works aesthetically. This includes what is said by those adherents to the more recent schools of criticism mentioned by Gaut.

This is a quick outline of my conception of aesthetic value. The main point I want to make about it here is that this value is independent from other values and of the type of object experienced. This is what I mean by the underived character of aesthetic value. To make this even clearer, let me underline a few points. First, although my initial example referred to the momentary appearance of a mountain range, aesthetic experience is not confined to momentary phenomenal appearances, perceptual experiences or experiences of nature.

If the object is the momentary phenomenal appearance of a mountain range, then the most minimal criterion of adequacy requires that one recognizes that one is perceiving a mountain range and that one’s ascription of a phenomenal appearance is capable of receiving a fair degree of intersubjective agreement. More generally, if aesthetic experience is focused on forms, qualities and meanings of objects, then the aesthetic value of an object is measured by the value of the experiences of those who correctly perceive and/or believe that the object has those forms, qualities and meanings.

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