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Download Aleister Crowley - Revolt of the Magicians by Lon Milo DuQuette PDF

By Lon Milo DuQuette

The dawning 20th century isn't large enough for eccentric genius Aleister Crowley. he's an acclaimed poet, chess grasp, world-class mountaineer, and doubtless the main passionately liberated guy in Victorian London. His genuine devotion, in spite of the fact that, is magic...and the quest for his personal soul.

An notorious fourteenth century Arabic ebook of magic survives the centuries to spawn the formation of a hidden society of magicians in London. The Order is led through occult student MacGregor Mathers and his spouse Moina, who declare to be involved with mystery masters that supply them ever-increasing magical wisdom and tool. For a number of years the Order grows, drawing on new participants from the giants of British trade, paintings, and literature.

Suddenly, on the peak of the Order's impression, MacGregor and Moina seem to lose touch with the key masters. They stream to Paris and forget about the Order's plea for extra teachings and better initiations. The London hotel threatens to sever ties with them and make magical touch with the key masters themselves. 5 very recognized contributors lead the revolt:

*the poet William Butler Yeats
*the playwright Maude Gonne
*Bram Stoker, writer of Dracula
*Florence Farr, the main acclaimed actress of her day
*and one of many wealthiest ladies on the planet, tea heiress Annie Horniman.

Crowley naively joins the Order firstly of the rebel. Blinded by way of his extreme religious aspirations, he's not in basic terms drawn into the clash, yet unwittingly turns into the catalyst that brings approximately their destruction.

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His words are firm but pleasant. He eyes Moina and smiles most French-ly. ” Mathers doesn’t hide his impatience or his irritation. “Monsieur Babar, allow me to introduce my wife, Madame Moina Mathers. ” Babar pulls Moina’s outstretched hand to his lips. There is something subtly repulsive about Moina’s hand. Babar’s face reacts with revulsion. He allows her hand to slip from his grasp. ” Moina’s tone is cold and businesslike. Babar drops all pretence of charm. “You will follow me. ” Babar leads the two quietly down a nearby staircase.

Abramelin’s voice becomes soft and hypnotic … …………………. “Milo. Milo? Are you still taking this down? ” I guess I must have looked like I had fallen asleep with my eyes open. I was totally absorbed in the story. “Yes. Yes. Forgive me Sir Francis. I was drifting a bit. Perhaps I need a swallow of tea. ” “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Look sharp, boy! This is an important scene. Where are we? Right! Abraham the Jew and Abramelin the Magician are sitting on a floating carpet and drinking wine in Abramelin’s tent.

He shouted. “I plan on dying on Friday. ” Now there’s an announcement you don’t hear every day. I, of course, thought he was joking; and even had I taken his words seriously, the gravity of the statement was completely buried by my hunger. I panicked at the thought that I might actually miss the spicy dinner I smelled cooking all day. The other guests took the announcement of his prophesied death with a stunned silence. Lady Harris started to speak, but the old man shut her up with a slight elevation of his left eyebrow.

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