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Download Amulets and Talismans by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge PDF

By Sir E. A. Wallis Budge

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The amulet was no longer merely passive matter, but an operating force. This force or power is called by the Mela­ nesians and Polynesians " Mana," and the greatest authority on magic and religion in the Pacific, the Rev. R. H . CoDRINGTON, describes it thus : " Mana is a power or influence, not physical, and in a way supernatural ; but it shows itself in physical force, or in any kind of power or excellence which a man possesses.

Motion was given to the boat by the hawk-headed paddle which possessed magical power. e. spawn of rebellious malice. The god took counsel with his heart, and possessing magical power (fteka) , he uttered his own name as a spell or word of power, and he straightway came into being under the form of the god KHEPERA, and began the work of creation. The inert powers of 8 AMULETS AND TALISMANS evil were disturbed by his actions and at once began to oppose him actively. The making of light was the first act of creation, and the fight between SET, the personification of darkness and night and evil, and l:f ER-UR, the personification of light and day and night, began.

The wish to divine the future seems to be as general now as ever. Divining by means of trance is described as very exhausting for the diviner, and conscientious clairvoyantes say that they can only " work " for a limited number of hours each day, and that these hours must not be consecutive. The modern witch, male or female, no longer dispenses " hell broth " and decoctions of drugs, and philtres made from bats' eyes, and the insides of reptiles, and human fat, and the juice of adders, because the Law stands in the way, and she no longer travels through the air astride of a besom or broomstick.

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