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By Thuraisingham, Bhavani M

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LiveJournal was bought by Six Apart in 2005 and Russian SUP Media in 2007. Though most LiveJournal users are in the United States, LiveJournal has become the dominant diary/journal network for Russia. LiveJournal attempts to not limit user content unless necessary, such as in cases of harassment or copyright infringement. Because of this, LiveJournal has also been forced to persevere through many lawsuits, often in relation to their refusal to take down content labeled for adults only that others may find offensive or obscene.

The network organizes sites into stacks based on tags given to bookmarks by the users who share them. This allows social networks to form and friend connections to be made over similar bookmark interests. com/), named after the term that it supports, is a network of people who wish to travel in the cheapest way possible, while sleeping on someone else’s couch. Launched in 2003, CouchSurfing is a network of more than 3 million users who wish to use or provide a spare room, floor, or couch for a passerby traveler.

Chapter 36 provides a unified framework for social media analytics, security, and privacy. We discuss integrity and data provenance aspects for social networks in Chapter 37. Chapter 38 provides some directions toward developing a multilevel secure social media system. Chapter 39 describes an education program and infrastructure for secure social media that we are developing. The book is concluded in Chapter 40. Each part begins with an introduction and ends with a conclusion. The book is also augmented with an Appendix that describes data management and the relationship among our texts.

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