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Download Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume by Shaul Shaked PDF

By Shaul Shaked

This quantity provides variants of sixty-four Jewish Aramaic incantation bowls from the Schøyen assortment, with accompanying introductions, translations, philological notes, photos and indices, in terms of the mystical divorce and the wonder-working sages anina ben Dosa and Joshua bar Peraia.

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23–27). Prayer-books are, however, only known from the late Gaonic period, from the tenth century ce on. 32 For convenience, we shall apply to these religions the general term “religions of revelation”, for want of a better allembracing label. 33 See Blau 1898; Veltri 1997; Bohak 2008; Harari 2010. 34 A detailed discussion of the rabbinical attitudes towards witchcraft and their ambiguities can be found in chapter six of Bohak 2008 (see especially 422–425 in the summary). 35 See, for example, Ford and Ten-Ami 2011/2.

The incantation also incorporates a number of additional phrases that serve various purposes: opening phrases, linking segments, concluding formulae, quotations from the scriptures, and more. Not every incantation contains a spell, but most of the fully-developed incantations do. Single-Spell Incantations Here is the structure of a typical single-spell incantation. The spell occurs in section 4 of this incantation. It is preceded by introductory sections that invoke several powers and establish the identity of the client, thus making the otherwise neutral spell something that is relevant to a specific person in a given situation.

22 The Mandaeans at this time were probably still engaged in developing their written canon of scriptures, but it seems evident (for example from reading the magical literature of the Mandaeans) that their religion was already based on sacred texts, possibly available in a written form. 23 The emergence of the magic bowls in Babylonia, and, in parallel fashion, of the inscribed metal amulets in the area of Palestine, may be understood as part of this movement of writing down texts of religious and spiritual content.

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