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Download The Iconic Logic of Peirce's Graphs by Sun-Joo Shin PDF

By Sun-Joo Shin

On the sunrise of contemporary good judgment, Charles S. Peirce invented sorts of logical platforms, one symbolic and the opposite graphical. during this booklet Sun-Joo Shin explores the philosophical roots of the beginning of Peirce's Existential Graphs in his idea of illustration and logical notation. Shin demonstrates that Peirce is the first thinker to put a superb philosophical beginning for multimodal illustration systems.Shin analyzes Peirce's recognized, yet much-criticized nonsymbolic illustration procedure. She offers a brand new method of his graphical approach in line with her discovery of its detailed nature and on a reconstruction of Peirce's concept of illustration. by means of looking to comprehend graphical platforms on their very own phrases, she uncovers the explanations why graphical structures, and Existential Graphs particularly, were underappreciated between logicians. Drawing on views from the philosophy of brain, cognitive technology, common sense, and desktop technology, Shin offers proof for a really interdisciplinary venture on multimodal reasoning.

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1 respectively, a cut represents a negation and a line of identity represents something. As pointed out in each section, a cut is symbolic representation and a line of identity is iconic. From this heterogeneous Existential Graphs as a Heterogeneous System 57 representation, the representation for existential and universal quantifiers is easily obtained. When the outermost part of a line lies in an evenly enclosed area, it is interpreted as ‘something’, since it is an iconic representation of ‘one and the same object’.

The set of Beta graphs, Gb , is the smallest set satisfying the following: 1. An empty space is in Gb . 2. A line of identity is in Gb . 3. Juxtaposition closure If G1 is in Gb ; . . ; and Gn is in Gb , then the juxtaposition6 of these n graphs G1 ; . . ; Gn (we write ‘G1 . . Gn ’ for juxtaposition) is also in Gb . 4. Predicate closure If G is in Gb , then a graph with an n-ary predicate symbol written at the joint of n loose ends in G is also in Gb . 5. Cut closure If G is in Gb , then a graph in which a single cut is drawn in any subpart of G without crossing a predicate symbol is also in Gb .

Tn Þ is an atomic wff, where P n is an n-place predicate and t1 ; . . ; and tn are either names or variables. Extension in complex wffs The following additional inductive clause is added to the definition of wffs of Ls : If Qvi (where Q is a quantifier and vi is a variable) is to the left of a wff, then the result is also a wff. Therefore, every wff of Ls is a wff of Lp . That is, the language is literally extended. The extension from the Alpha system to the Beta system cannot be stated as clearly as the above extension of symbolic languages.

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