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By Quine Wv

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Most writers in this area have declared them false, contending that the meaning of A C lacks, while the meaning of A→ C includes, the notion of A's being suitably connected with C. But specifying the kind of connection has not been easy, and some friends of the horseshoe analysis have stood firm, arguing that the apparent counterexamples can be explained away, leaving their preferred analysis standing. 21 Let us look first at Grice's way of explaining them away, and then, in the next chapter, at Jackson's different one.

In some of his work, Grice contended that if we can keep the meaning of a word thin then we should. His theory of conversational implicature, he held, can do more than merely defend something arrived at on other grounds; it provides a positive reason for holding that the meanings of 'or' and 'and' are purely truth-functional, and thus thin. He based this on a variant on Occam's Razor: Sensus non sunt multiplicandi nec magnificandi praeter necessitatem; don't postulate more senses, or thicker ones, than you have to.

30 with and explain the apparent counterexamples through conversational implicature. The failure of match between Grice and Ramsey is not total. Both condemn the asserting of A→ C just on the grounds that one believes C, or disbelieves A, or both, without giving much credence to C on the supposition of A. My confidence that Polynesians didn't come from India convinces me that Polynesians originally came from India Most Maori speak Sanskrit, and thus, according to the horseshoe analysis, that If Polynesians originally came from India, then most Maori speak Sanskrit.

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